Congress Center


The congress center is a complex structure consisting of two rooms; “Sala Caravaggio” which counts 440 seats and “Sala Colleoni” 35 seats, accessible through the elegant lobby addressing the guests. Both rooms are made available to whoever wants to plan an event where elegance, functionality and technology are essential for its success.

SALA CARAVAGGIO (440-220 seats)

The room is covered with high design sound absorbing panels which lend the room a captivating and elegant look; it is equipped with 440 comfortable chairs and it can be divided in two, thanks to a retractable wall, for less attended conferences.
The relator’s table, with 9 positions with directional microphones, laptops, audio or video equipment connection and LCD monitors which permit watching what is being shown on the back screen.
Eight simultaneous translation booths have been set up to accommodate International convention, while the offices are able to manage the planning of every aspect of the event. The control room coordinates the multimedia aspect of the conference, thanks to the two installed cameras, projecting VHS and DVD, launching presentations or broadcasting background music, regulating lights and microphones.


Equipped with microphones, a projector, computer, recorder and an internet connection it is the perfect choice for smaller audiences who still deserve a highly functional venue.