Il Quartiere

Fiera Bergamo is a large center with driving force and flexibility, able to host events of different nature; cultural, artistic and sporting events, able to evolve, expand and transform in order to be competitive with the main provincial and regional fairgrounds.

The structure is inspired by the great European fair examples – multipurpose exhibiting spaces to be used throughout the year with a ground floor structure, equipped with medium size pavilions, conference rooms and spaces for catering – thus reinforcing the dialogue with Europe, the largest user of products from Bergamo and, at the same time, the one with the old “stone fair”, in its dimension of space as territorial and European interchange.

The structure is a large complex consisting of four bodies – located within a large area of about 173,000 square meters, almost half of which consists of green areas sprawling through the 2,400 parking spaces, an open area of 35,000 square meters and a covered area of 16,000 square meters. 3,200 square meters entrance and gallery welcome the visitor to multifunctional center equipped with a conference center with 440 seats, multifunctional rooms ranging from 40 to 60 seats, two 1,200 square meters warehouses, three bars, a restaurant and a self-service restaurant with 220 seats.


The two halls, and all the other services, are accessible through the main gallery.

The construction details of the central gallery have been meticulously sought after.
The arabesque marble gives the entrance a prestigious and elegant allure, just as the wide glass windows bring a welcoming light. The choice of high design furnishings and modern style are mirrored in the counter at the entrance, the point of reference for visitors.


A large projecting roof covers the entrance area right before the reception, house of eight ticket offices, the cloakroom and luggage room, the atrium, the offices supporting the administrative section and the access room to the operational and executive offices located on the upper floors.
Electronic speakers, computer network points and internal telephones allow the reception staff to manage the flow of the public quickly and with the utmost professionalism.


Two of the three halls, all provided with technical services, are multipurpose and able to accommodate sporting, cultural and musical events. The two 6,500 sqm symmetrical halls, allow a regular arrangements of booths, thanks to the absence of pillars in its midst.
An external “expo area” of 30,000 sqm equipped with all the necessary services, integrates the indoor area by accommodating temporary tensile structures to support the covered exhibition space.
Available services:

Phone services
Compressed air


The convention center is a complex structure consisting of two rooms, one with 440 seats (which can be subdivided into two rooms with 220 seats each) and one with 35 seats, all provided with technological services.
The control room is equipped with the best audio and video equipment to guarantee lecturers the best conditions for their interventions.
Eight simultaneous translation booths have been set up to accommodate International convention, while the offices are able to manage the planning of every aspect of the event.


There are 5 dining areas.
An à la carte restaurant with 50 seats, and a large self-service with capacity of about 220 seats, offer a wide range of hot dishes, wines and desserts, while 3 bars, located in the halls and in the gallery, offer a variety of sandwiches, snacks and drinks.


Placed in the upper floors, they consist of two floors, respectively of 730 and 850 sqm, reachable from the outside and from the inside through two lifts and three stairways.
On the first floor, the technical office, the commercial office, the promotional office, conference and press room while on the second floor there are the executive and administrative offices, conference and meeting rooms.


The large parking area facing the fairground covers 41,300 sqm for a total of 1,800 parking spaces, with dedicated disabled car spaces.