Ente Fiera Promoberg is able to guarantee a wide range of preconvention services, granting the complete success of the event.
The processing of a personalized study for the event and the creation of the needed typographic material: programs, registration forms, attendance certification, invites and posters.

Mailing list: filing, mailing list management, preparation of conference material and e-mailing and/or shipping via ordinary mail.
Managing contacts with the authorities, public bodies, sponsors, press and lecturers.
Supply and customization with the event logo of all the material necessary for the convention: conference kits, gadgets, etc.
Preconference secretary: participant’s registration, via email, event advertisement with the insertion in a website dedicated to conferences, correspondence in different languages, filing of the participant’s list.

Conference services: setting up of the location, decoration arrangement, fixing the conference rooms and areas with exhibition spaces relating to the stands.