About us


Ente Fiera Promoberg is a trade fair organization established in Bergamo in 1984 with the aim of organizing trade fairs and specific events to support the economic, social and cultural development of the Bergamo area.
In addition to the organization of fairs of national and international significance, it organizes events and exhibitions and manages the local theater called “Creberg Teatro Bergamo”, a medium-sized theater (1,500 seats) active in the field of music, comedy and operetta.
Promoberg is firmly committed to promoting productive relations between institutions, the business world and civil society, aiming to create local and national networks and initiatives in line with the needs and expectations of a society in constant and rapid transformation.
Over the years, the Institution has also been involved in the promotion of important social and cultural events for the Bergamo area.


The current bylaw was partially reviewed in January 2019 and its amendments approved in May 2019, by proper Regional Resolution, given the legal personality of the organization.


The organization is still configured as a non-profit Recognized Association, having as corporate purpose the “non-profit promotion and organization of exhibitions, putting in place the most appropriate promotional activities for the economic, social and cultural development of the business sectors concerned; for this purpose it is equipped with an adequate technical and organizational structure.

The Organization may carry out any commercial, industrial, financial and real estate operation connected to corporate activity in those forms and procedures that are recognized as convenient and useful by the administrative body also by acquiring or granting, both directly and indirectly – on a non-prevailing basis and not towards the public – shareholdings, interests and quotas in other companies, firms or bodies.


Promoberg’s shareholders are the main employers’ associations in the Province of Bergamo:
• Ance – Associazione Nazionale Costruttori Edili (National Constructor Association)
• Confimi Apindustria Bergamo (Confederation of Italian Manufacturing Industry)
• Asco Spedizionieri (Association of Carriers, Couriers and Drivers of the Orobic Area)
• Ascom Confcommercio Bergamo (Italian General Confederation of Enterprises, Professional Activities and Independent Work)
• Associazione Panificatori Bergamo (Bakers Association)
• Associazione Albergatori Ascom (Hoteliers Association)
• Confartigianato Bergamo (Organization of Handicrafts and Micro and Small Enterprises)
• Associazione Florovivaisti Bergamaschi (Florists and Floriculturists Association)
• Assopetroli (Wholesalers of Oil Products Association)
• Assopto (Opticians and Optometrists Association)
• Cesap
• CNA (Italian Confederation of Craft Trades and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises)
• Confcooperative (Confederation of Italian Cooperatives)
• Confesercenti (Trade Association representing Italian companies in Commerce, Tourism and Services, Crafts and Small Enterprises)
• Confindustria Bergamo (General Confederation of Italian Industry)
• Coldiretti (National Confederation of Independent Farmers)
• Iniziative Ascom Spa (Ascom Spa Initiatives)
• Servizi Confindustria Bergamo Srl (Confindustria Bergamo Srl Services)
• Unione Artigiani (Craftsmen Union)
• Unione Provinciale Agricoltori (Provincial Farmers Union)


Advisors who are representatives of the member Associations and the main public bodies in the area comprise the Board of Directors:
Dott. Fabio Sannino
Matteo Zanetti (Vice Chairman)
Luciano Patelli (Vice Chairman)
Giorgio Gori (Mayor of the City of Bergamo)
Carlo Mazzoleni (President of Bergamo Chamber of Commerce)
Ezio Deligios (representing the Province of Bergamo)
Renato Giavazzi
Lorenzo Cereda
Giuseppe Cristinelli
Lorenzo Pinetti
Gianfranco Drigo

• Rosella Colleoni – President
• Roberto Frigerio – statutory auditor
• Massimo Restivo – statutory auditor

• KPMG S.p.A.


• Dott. Antonio Candotti of Fieldfisher – Milano


In 2019, Ente Fiera Promoberg adopted its own code of ethics, in order to promote and uphold respect for people – the public, employees and partners – as well as sustainability and reduction of environmental impact in the organization of its events.


in its activity, Promoberg fully applies the provisions provided for by Legislative Decree 81/2008 and guarantees to its employees and collaborators an adequate working environment from the standpoint of safety, health and sustainable development, adopting all the necessary measures required by the regulations in force.


The fairground is property of Bergamo Fiera Nuova S.p.A., a company mainly owned by the public sector, whose corporate structure is as follows:

• Camera di Commercio di Bergamo (48,83%
• Comune di Bergamo 18,74%
• Amministrazione Provinciale di Bergamo 15,12%
• Banca Intesa 8,67%
• Banco BPM 4,33%
• Promoberg 2,31%
• BCC di Treviglio 2,02%
• Comune di Seriate 0,01%
Core business: the organisation of trade fairs.
At Fiera di Bergamo, a modern structure inaugurated in 2003, is where Promoberg’s core business unfolds – though in last year it has been severely limited by the COVID-19 sanitary crisis.

The already challenging situation for the whole events sector has been particularly harsh on Promoberg because, since March 2020, Fiera di Bergamo has been repurposed as COVID hospital.
And, as of March 2021, the exhibition centre is being set up as hub for mass vaccination.